Living Room Decor

Since moving into our house two years ago I have been working slowly to get everything decorated. It’s not an easy task for me and I normally go one wall at a time. It always takes me a while to figure out what I want, and then it has to pass the inspection of my husband. He surprisingly always has an opinion, which I’m fine with.  I’m also not one of those people that can just “see” it. I have to see something similar, or get several opinions. All I knew was I wanted a clock on that wall.

I found a circle clock at Hobby Lobby that I loved. But the wall was big enough that I knew I needed something to go with it. I got on pinterest and looked up living room decor with a clock. And there were tons of options, which led to me spending several hours in hobby lobby! Basically I saw that most people that had made a gallery wall with a circle clock used square pictures around the circle clock to make a giant square. If that even makes sense. So the entire gallery wall is in the shape of a square or rectangle depending on your space.

I found my clock and wandered around for well over an hour finding signs that I not only liked, but were the right size to start my gallery wall. The first thing I found was a sign that had a list of “Family Rules” and it was super cute. But it was a little taller than the clock and I didn’t love the way it looked next to it. Next I found a big square sign with a cute quote on it that I’ve always loved, and it was the perfect size. So now I had two pieces. I also knew I wanted a giant letter P for our last name. So I found one that I loved and kept looking. I’ve lately been obsessed with arrows, so I wanted an arrow too! I had these 4 things in my cart that I knew I wanted. I laid it all out and got a general idea of the placement I wanted and then set out for something to hang above the clock, and something small to go below the letter P and my wall would be complete. After finding those 2 things I bought it all. Everything except the clock was 50% off (which is why I was even doing it all in one day anyway) and I used a 40% off coupon for the clock. Total it cost me just around $110! I got home and laid it all out for the hubby to see and give his stamp of approval and politely asked him to hang it haha

Ive been super happy with it, and so glad to have another wall done!



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