Good For The Soul

The last couple months I have been trying very hard to eat healthy and exercise. Now I wasn’t eating terrible to begin with, but I have started tracking everything, watching my sugar and calories and going to the gym. It’s always hard to make a change like this, but I just wanted to share my findings.

The first week was rough! I had cut out all processed sugar, kept track of all the food I had eaten on the My Fitness Pal app, and increased my water intake. Not only did I need to go to the bathroom every ten minutes,  but I was craving sugar like it was going out of style. I even had a few head aches along the way. My husband is a diabetic, so I may have snuck into his drawer of candy and had a couple  throughout the week just to keep me sane. On top of tracking all my food, I got a gym membership and started going on my lunch breaks. Two days a week I have an hour and a half for lunch, and the gym is right across from the office so it’s the perfect amount of time to hit the gym and eat some food.

Week two was so much easier! I started to notice that I felt better. I had zero headaches, I wasn’t going to the bathroom so much, and not once did I have to urge to sneak a piece of candy or bake a cake! Not once! My moods were even better because I felt better, funny how that works isn’t it? I continued to go to the gym, and eat as healthy as I knew how.  Weeks three and four were just as good. I had lost some weight and I could FEEL a difference.

Then came week five, which was 2 weekends ago. My husband and I drove to Wyoming to visit my family. I tried my very best to eat good but it’s so much harder. In my own house, I control what groceries are in the house therefore controlling what I eat. In someone elses house, unfortunately that can’t be the case. I still tried to track everything as best I could, but by the time Sunday night rolled around I felt like crap. I hadn’t kept up on my water, I ate lots of Chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant, and don’t get me stared on the cookie butter.  If you haven’t tried that stuff, take it from me and don’t. I lose control every time I see that stuff in a cupboard. I would literally eat it on a shoe. So Monday rolled around and I had zero ambition to do anything, I just wanted more cookie butter! I went through the work week, half heartedly trying, but knowing I could do a little better, and that brings us to this week.

My husband stayed home sick from work Monday and Tuesday. So even though I planned on being REALLY good, I wasn’t. I took care of him, skipped the gym, and ate chicken noodle soup because it looked fantastic. Last night while sitting on the couch watching tv it dawned on me. “You feel like crap, you’re bloated and you’re sluggish, pick yourself up and go to the gym.” So I did. I woke up, ate breakfast and went to the gym. It felt SO good! I was almost instantly happier, and proud of myself for not quitting. So even though I feel like I may be back to week one again, I’m not going to quit.

It took me a whole week to realize that I felt so down and in the dumps because of how I was taking care of my body. I wanted to blame my nearing cycle for the bloating and moodiness, or maybe I was even getting my husbands cold, but deep down I knew that wasn’t the case. After going to the gym it was like a switch was flipped, my mood swings were gone and it gave me a little needed motivation. I obviously know that how you eat is how you feel, but I had never felt such a huge change so quickly. I guess its normally gradual so I never notice as much! Bottom line is its a lifestyle change. I’m not going to be able to get to a certain weight or fitness level and then back off. It is something I will literally have to stay on top of for the rest of my life. For that reason I have allowed myself to fail, I have eaten a piece of cake every now and again, because THAT is life. Here’s to getting back up and not quitting!





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