Save Some Money!

The last 10 months I have been trying to do small things to save time and money, like the rest of the world. I went to Nail School from January to March, and was without a job until August. During those months, my husband worked full time and took care of all the bills, bless is heart. He never complained, and never made me feel rushed to get a job even though I knew I really needed one. He was diagnosed with diabetes the beginning of January, thus increasing our medical bills so the sooner I found a job the better.

While searching for a job, I came up with a few ways to save some money on groceries. I started with creating a dinner menu. With me wanting to eat healthier and my husband needing to watch his carb intake it was the perfect. I planned healthy, filling dinners and it made it easier to not eat out. I would write down the days of the week and plan what we would eat for dinner every night for 2 weeks. This helped so that when making a grocery list I ONLY bought what I knew we needed. I wasn’t buying any extra and I wasn’t putting food in the cart that sounded good. I would always add some healthy breakfast cereals, yogurt, string cheese, fruit and protein bars to the list. Since every meal was planned out we almost never threw away food that had gone bad, and because I didn’t buy junk we didn’t eat junk.

The second thing I started doing was making our mornings less hectic and expensive by making my own frozen burritos. My husband refuses to wake up 10 minutes earlier than needed to make his breakfast (can’t say I blame him), so he would spend those 10 minutes in a drive thru. While its a no brainer that fast food is unhealthy and definitely not diabetic friendly, I knew that I needed to come up with a quick healthy breakfast for him. I finally decided on breakfast burritos, seeing how those seem to be his go to at Mcdonalds anyway! I would scramble some eggs, brown some sausage and wrap in tortillas with pace salsa and cheese. To keep them from getting freezer burnt I wrapped them in plastic wrap and tinfoil to stay fresh for 2 weeks. Now instead of breakfast at Mickey Dee’s, he throws a burrito in the microwave for a minute and a half, and eats it on the way to work! Perfect!

Thirdly, I stock up on canned good at Maceys Case Lot Sale. Cream of chicken, chicken broth, vegetables, soups, flour and sugar. I usually spend between $100 and $150 a year at these case lot sales and it saves us so much! Each can is about 50 cents compared $1.50 at the grocery store. It might cost a little more upfront to purchase all of it, but it saves money every time I go grocery shopping! Its also a plus that my pantry is full and I feel a little more prepared in the event of an emergency.

So there you have it! My 3 simple ways to save money on groceries!


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